Performance, Cutting-edge technology, and ease of use. You can trust us to run Companion, so you can reach your full trading potential. The only © TradingView setup you will ever need, turning data into actions.

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At SwingSwiss we put people first, our CEO Dan wants to share something with you.

We believe trading is about unbiased analysis and not forecasting. Traders needed a reliable set of tools they could own and build strategies on,Companion was born.

Dan, Ceo SwingSwiss
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We create content across several media to help traders use our tools with maximum efficacity.
Trading tips are given on our VIP Discord Group and trade examples are posted on a daily basis.

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Happy clients, happy life !

Do I need a premium TradingView/TradingLite account to use Companion?


No. You do not need to buy a premium/pro subscription to any of these services to use Companion but you should know that you will reach pretty quickly the number of alerts allowed.

I just subscribed to Companion, now what?


Upon verification, you will receive access to the Companion Suite in the next few hours. Meanwhile, you could join our private community by verifying your subscription on Discord 😉

PS: Indicators are found in Invite-Only Scripts.

I want to upgrade to the Master Package, what do I need to do?


We just implemented an “Upgrade” feature when you click on the Companion Master Package. You will only pay the difference or a minor fee and receive direct access to the new indicators!

How do I join the Companion Community?


The Companion Community is private and only available to Companion Starter/Master subscribers. The first step is to join our Discord community and verify your credentials in the “Verify-Companion” channel. You’ll be assigned the “Companion” role and you’ll be automatically given access to the VIP channels.