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Our team has drawn on the works of leading experts in the fields of rationality and crowd behavior, such as Dan Ariely, Eliezer Yudkowsky, and Mehdi Moussaid, to develop a framework that provides a unique perspective on the market.

By integrating behavioral analysis with maths, volume and volatility analysis, we have created a sophisticated system for defining trend structures and identifying opportunities.

For Professionals, By Professionals.

SwingSwiss was created by a team of market experts with real insights and experience of the world's biggest exchanges in NASDAQ, EUREX, CME, FOREX, CRYPTO...

We exist to empower traders, help them make better decisions, and ultimately become successful investors.
As a fellow professional, we value your opinion about every aspect of our product and consistently work with your feedback in mind.

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Erik T.
SwingSwiss User Since Jan'23

I love how clear WiseStrat is.
I know what I need to do right away and can spot opportunities in seconds. I receive alerts on my phone which is super helpful as well.

SwingSwiss User Since Jan'19

WiseStrat is very accurate, I mean very accurate. Over the years I tried many services. I now understand that dozens of tools and options only increase difficulty.
SwingSwiss way or the highway!

Paul Cusson
SwingSwiss User Since Apr'22

Kudos to WiseChief for WiseStrat. It's meaningful and straight to the point. I love the minimalist approach, it helps me focus on the facts rather than the noise.

Pioneer and SwingSwiss User

I've been using SwingSwiss indicators for a while now and I wanna share with y'all that it's been doing wonder to me. It helps me a lot in choosing when to enter and leave a trade, and if you have any question about it don't hesitate to dm me

Pioneer and SwingSwiss User

I’m a proud swingswiss user ! And proud to be a pioneer, the indicators are so powerful, that I have bought them for my family too! The accuracy is insane and the top and bottom finder are really accurate ! You will never stop using swingswiss once you used it

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